Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

This is Michael Bay at his finest… (can I get a bag I need to throw up!)

Transformers - Revenge of the FallenParamount Pictures, DreamWorks Studios, di Bonaventura Pictures in association with Hasbro present…

A sequel being anticipated, Transformers was an undertaking in CGI filming and with Michael Bay calling the shots and Steven Spielberg Producing, people are going to fill in theatres in a blink of an eye!


The story started with a brief history on how The Fallen has been a part of human history, including our constant struggle to survive with these alien robotic life forms trampling our ways and means of life. Flash forward to modern day China, a group of military operatives together with the Autobots called the N.E.S.T are hunting down remaining Decepticons all over the globe. As a fight ensued from a construction site and down to the highways of Shanghai, the leader Optimus Prime heard in the final words of a Decepticon, the Fallen shall rise again!

Next stop United States! Where the main human protagonist Sam Witwicky is getting ready to go to college dealing with his parents, his love life and a “little” more of robots blasting his home to rubble not to mention with the help of his robot ally Bumblebee. Things are starting to fall into place! Sam soon realizes that the last remaining fragment of the all spark has been absorbed in his mind creating images of places and symbols that is vital to both factions and robots at war.

This is where the story gives its meaning and intention! The objective of the Autobots was to eradicate all remaining Decepticons in the planet and save it from their war that started in Cybertron. While the Decepticons focuses on raising their leader Megatron from the depths of the ocean and seek out a way to defeat the Autobots in this new world and bring back their descendant and powerful Master called the Fallen. With new robots from both sides things got a little uglier in this film since more characters need to have screen time as well.

For instance, there were ten Autobots and more than a dozen Decepticons in the limelight. I mean seriously, the robots have no way of doing their part due to this massive cast; I’m talking about the involvement of too many human characters crowding up space!

The parents were over acting (especially the Mom), constant sex perversions of robots towards Mikaela (for example the robot humping), another was the girl who follows Sam was actually a Decepticon in which were based on Transformers: God Master Force and the Pretenders in the animated series, how do you perceive something that was highly evolved wherein the main antagonists are still not in that same level of adapting or assimilating the humans? It was like Species in Terminator nanotech! And the balls of Devastator underneath John Turturro at the Pyramids was not even close to being funny or entertaining at all! It was nonsensical and worse wrapped around in sexual innuendos!

Also, the Twins were a horrible addition to the line up, of all characterizations that the Production Team would be able to incorporate to these robots it would be 2 buck toothed war freaks! Come on and to think that one of them can bring down Devastator, which was really over the top!!! As I’ve said in my comments, you could have at least placed Cliff Jumper, Gears or even Brawn in the line up! I think people will agree that Brawn does have the guts and strength to bring down the Constructicons! He’s small but he’s a powerhouse even back in the G1 animated series. On another note, why on earth did you made Sky Fire that old, you could have used the animation background of the character and made him more of a force to reckon with even helping in fighting off the gigantic lumbering oaf!

Too much hype ruined the interest of the movie goers and it failed them in watching this film. It also showed how Michael Bay was able to do a press conference in Japan when in fact he was not yet done with the editing. To add, it was stated as well that it was rushed in the final scenes and takes.

Michael even stated that the film was a success in spite mixed reviews and criticisms; it earned more than $300 M domestically. Well, you can say that is all about the money and to make your point that it was something just being based on a one sided prerogative!

On the other side, the CGI was good and to think they added formidable Decepticon main characters like Sound Wave and Ravage which was amazing! Sideswipe and Jolt was great even if they had a few minutes of time share! (more than I can say for Iron Hide and Ratchet)

Transformers 3 was released 2011 and more robots are expected to show up. I just hope that in my opinion, there are no dumb Autobots included, more time for the robot characters to actualize their plans in the story and no more perverted jokes which really was below the belt in this film!




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