Paul (2011)

The Dynamic Duo is back after fighting hordes of the dead, taking into justice a neighborhood watch who hides the dead and now, they brought along someone who brings back the dead!


Universal Pictures in association with Relativity Media, Working Title Films and Big Talk Pictures present…

Moorcroft, Wyoming -1942

A little girl and her dog became witnesses in a crash landed ship but not without casualty! Growing up, Tara Walton was ridiculed and cursed for so many years that she recluse to society, Blythe Danner (Meet the Fockers) gives light to the fallen alien even if he has caused so much pain!

San Diego California – 2009

The film inspires long overdue dreams and it took two road tripping blokes to make it all worthwhile. From England, they ventured to the United States to fulfil their destiny, to be part of something bigger, bigger I tell you! The Comic-Con, every fan boy and geek’s ultimate goal to venture to other worlds of imagination, hysteria, the supernatural, superheroes…the amalgamation of cool!

To add, they wanted to visit every place of significance that involves extra-terrestrial occurrences! The tour dictates the following sites: Vasquez Rocks, California, Area 51 Black Mail Box in Nevada, Apache Junction and last stop Roswell, New Mexico which corresponds on the Crash of 1947. Minding their own business while stopping for a drink and a break in Little A’Le’Inn, they encountered some hostile hunters. Leaving abruptly, they were on the road again until an accident occurs which will change their lives forever…

It was fun to watch especially with great supporting cast who are well known in the land of laughs! Jeffrey Tambor (Hellboy) is Author Adam Shadowchild, a reunion of sorts with his son Michael Bluth (played by Jason) in the famous comedy series Arrested Development while Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses) is Special Agent Lorenzo Zoil (derived from and sounds like Lorenzo’s Oil) whatever floats your boat man! His character shows more a serious take from the usual comedy he portrays but still deadpan which I really like about in his every performance. Hot on the trail and bossed around by the mysterious “Big Guy” on the radio who will be given a more dramatic entrance later in the film!

While Ruth Buggs, a domesticated Christian living with her father in a RV Trailer business lot, Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) brings the skeptic for science, coming of age woman to the fold of fugitives on the run from the law for harbouring a cigarette smoking, grey skinned, bird eating, finger pointing, half-pint critter (pant, pant)! She always makes it easy for her character delivery seeing that she got her repertoire from SNL.

Director Greg Mottola (Superbad) gives the story a wonderful experience which still mixes all the elements of action, comedy, drama and a little moral lesson of…never ever go on a road trip as two guys giving brotherly love as it becomes another proclivity especially in a hostile territory!

Who can forget the screen icon herself, paying homage in a indirect manner is not without applause as ‘the Big Guy’ played by Sigourney Weaver (Alien) while compromising the mission with incompetent FBI Agents Haggard Bill Hader and O’Reilly Joe Lo Truglio (Pineapple Express) both came from the same film they gave more funny moments seeing them get through the lead agent while running across country hi-ways searching for visiting fugitives and then some…

He was a definite masterpiece coming from VFX giant Double Negative, known to bring big budgeted Academy and BAFTA favourites to the movie going public, based in London they were responsible for the effects generated in The Wolfman, Iron Man 2, Inception and recently the final episodes of Harry Potter and the epic Marvel super soldier Captain America to name a few! These guys had the hard work in making the alien come to life. Jody Johnson is Head for VFX with Anders Beers Leads the Animation Group, they collaborated with Producer Hal Couzens to bring the performance of  Seth Rogen (The Green Hornet) into Paul a synergy of sequences, CGI, motion capture and puppetry courtesy of Spectral Motions which was used for the outlays of the character with the actual actors. It shows a combination of good lighting, direction by using still cameras and crane that will enable precise inputs and proper timing.

It had great trivial inputs from the alien himself talking with a hotshot “Director“ while still starting his film career, a Government Agent tracking aliens was his creation and a snapshot of George Bush Sr.’s picture was absolute pun! It was a fun filled movie blending in moments of hysteria and mystery. Paul was hilarious throughout, he possessed more humanity rather than those crazed gun carrying locals!


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