Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Science Fiction never felt this spontaneous as the combination of storytelling and CGI breaks the boundaries of time and space!

Star Trek Into DarknessParamount Pictures in association with Skydance Productions, K/O Paper Products and Bad Robot Productions present…

The sequel to the 2009 box-office and critically acclaimed standout film! Creator Gene Roddenberry (Andromeda) brings back the galaxy hopping crew with the help of Director JJ Abrams (Super 8) as they beam us up once more to another fantastic voyage that definitely sends you off to the far reaches of your seat! With recurring Writers and now Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman (Cowboys & Aliens) and Roberto Orci (Transformers), gave this film an ante-up for the whole nine yards!

The balance between adventure, action, drama and specifically on comedy were dead spot-on considering that the gathered talent had their share of stints already with the latter’s genre since exchanged words, smirks and one liners ends up mostly in bantering! This is how you get your rapport, Kurtzman and Orci collaborated with “Lost” mainstay writer Damon Lindelof (Prometheus) delivering scenarios and conversations that make it more enjoyable to experience!


Year: 2259 – Nibiru System…

With the crew’s seeming altruistic actions, three separate groups tried to defy odds when one set was running amok among the red landscapes of this prehistoric planet while being pursued by violated tribes. On the other end, two pilots lower their 1st Officer in a volcano just to stop an impending eruption and lastly, the Enterprise hides beneath the sea as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott portrayed by the always funny and jumpy (with the fish), Simon Pegg (Run, Fatboy, Run).

Looking sharper from the previous instalment, Chris Pine (Unstoppable) resumes command as Captain Jim Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise! While Zachary Quinto (Margin Call) the ambivalent pointy eared half-human and half-vulcan Commander (there I said it!) stands by his side to face the “wrath” of Pike (and the UFP) for violating protocols! Suddenly, comes the searing feeling of objection as Kirk now demoted, finds himself in a struggle that rocks both ends of the galaxy.

Until Admiral Christopher Pike portrayed by a former “Dark Knight” Bruce Greenwood (The Place beyond the Pines) gives the surrogate son another hole to run into just to cover his tracks! Their relationship became closer seeing that Pike always believes in Kirk’s potential to embrace the meaning of being a dedicated leader to his crew and his job!


As shadows lie in darkness, there is a malevolent conspiracy that was hidden for centuries finding its right time to assert revenge and destruction! It is as fate dictates it for the Federation and the Klingon Empire must wage war in order for this cabal group to rise from the ashes!

What does a father do in order to save his child? From the famed “Sherlock” TV series, enter the voice of reason Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (War Horse) as the savior of mankind known as John Harrison, engineered to be “better”, to be fearless, to rule and make terrorism clichéd! These are the qualities of so-called “Augments”, superior beings designed to create their own paradise at the cost of millions!

An order to be carried out, Admiral Alexander Marcus (another Bat in the belfry but way older) is portrayed by Peter Weller succumbs to guilt and instructs Kirk to carry the burden as he personally manhunts a criminal which gets the best of him in the process.


It could have been convenient if your ship (assuming you’re a Captain) to just sink at the bottom of the ocean. But this is not your typical adventurers that sails the vastness of space. The main topic here is to how Kirk has enough strength to will his way from vengeance. Cold as he may seem, he does not accept failure in his part to do whatever it takes in order for his mission to succeed but that is just the singular aspect of who he is, until he had the epiphany to achieve what his deceased father was able to accomplish, to be what is expected of him as he was mentored and guided as well by his surrogate father Admiral Pike.

His duty does not lie anymore for himself as Captain of his crew of the USS Enterprise, his actions and decisions should be inculcated to his new family. Besides Spock being acting Captain, Jon Cho (Solaris) as the ship’s Helmsman Sulu, who takes command for just a brief moment while higher officers does an extraction on the planet Kronos. Jon is always a capable actor and even does make good use of his appointment by intimidating the grumpy Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy played by Karl Urban (Dredd) to never tick him off.


With space as the final frontier, the main theme with these explorations has always been traced back in our history focusing heavily on politics, colonization and the overused delivery of separate ideals. The United Federation of Planets has been the guiding light to implement and preserve the democratic leadership of each member. Examples of this were the crew themselves as members of Starfleet Anton Yelchin (Like Crazy) as Russian Navigator Pavel Chekov who up to this point I still find it cumbersome to understand his accent and Zoe Saldana (Avatar) as Chief Communications Officer Nyota Uhura whose first name actually means “star” in Swahili where all of these diversity comes from a single purpose and that is to live harmoniously and co-exist in one governing body. All of the characters were placed key specifically in order for them to take part and participate without just focusing on the main protagonists all the time.


Seldom did I find a sense of originality coming from the sound department where some sci-fi oriented films has stereotyped the machine reverberations of the “Transformers” robots; at least here, they were able to make their spaceships, warp drives and military offensive hardware not being stained by Michael Bay’s work of art!

This is once more a triumphant production coming from its predecessors upon each segment of film making was carried out near flawlessly from directing, writing, casting, special effects. Speaking of which, Industrial Light & Magic and IMAX contributes in leaps and bounds to make a surreal and stunning visual treat! One factor of Star Trek’s other attributes on being relatable is even though it was visualized in a near future from which the actual premise surrounds the story, elements of planet Earth and its countries are still intact, thriving and improving when it comes to modernization although, structures were not completely sculpted for a highly advanced civilization like other planets (the elevator still has metal polished springed buttons), it still connects its past to the present and its future underpinnings as they drastically improve and innovate their ship’s internal look, it became more “Apple” inspired so to speak!


As a recurring fan, I would not want to miss this opportunity to assess further this franchise’s potential to exceed expectations and make leeway for new followers to experience the ever evolving Star Trek universe! On the other side, I hope they can just refrain from jumping from a scenario to the next without using teleportation of course it helps in the pacing of the dialogue and with the suspense but at least give the audience a chance to catch their breath in a minute or two.

A definite applause nevertheless and kudos to Gene Roddenberry’s creation colliding with his personal principles in life where there is a sense of authority with a given extent, roles in communities in order for them to prosper and strive, diversity of cultures and the roles of emotion in comparison with logic as to where they are used to preserve one’s ability to excel but more importantly their inner capacity to remain human…

By the way, that song from the introduction grows on me just let it linger a bit more…



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