Star Trek (2009)

Unmissable! On to the Next frontier!!!

Star TrekParamount Pictures in association with Spyglass Entertainment and Bad Robot present…

I have watched the series a couple of times when I was young, thinking of what is it like to be in space to explore, to share our knowledge and culture with other beings. It would be so gratifying for the human race to extend our border. It is very in line from another film which focuses more on colonizing and conquering the universe one galaxy at a time!

Star Trek was one of the first sci-fi series that made me interested in this genre. The only thing was, in my opinion it lacked the intensity I was looking for in a sci-fi film, a space opera indeed which had been locked with its more action oriented cousin Star Wars. The whole experience that culminated in these series was to discover different galaxies, planets, new life forms and make peace, well that’s bottom line!

I even didn’t pay attention to the Star Trek films; well almost Nemesis was indeed a great standoff between Patrick Stewart (X-Men) as Capt. Picard and Shinzon the clone!  It was a delight seeing the veracity of upcoming talent Tom Hardy (Bronson)!

Then came Star Trek XI!!! Clearly it blew me out of the water…

Gene Roddenberry who gave us the cult phenomenon series is also one of the Writers for the film. Director JJ Abrams (Mission Impossible III) together with the talented yet over rated tandem of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Transformers) collaborated to make this story nostalgic, truly remarkable film making! As I recall the Writers viewed Star Trek an opera while Star Wars was more of Rock & Roll they just need to put a little more kick in the film. It definitely became well-rounded which covers the early exploits of two great leaders of the Federation.

Cinematographer Daniel Mindel captures the very essence of the film through magnificent shots and fantastic angles of other worlds, space fight scenes. A calibre to work for which include hits like Mission Impossible III (with same Director), Spy game and mind numbing Enemy of the State!

The opening of the film was mind blowing, a great story that made the universe of the adapted TV series surreal and sublime! Great cast and well performed characters that did not show any faltering even for one single moment! The entirety of the crew has made it possible to generate a blockbuster of 2009!

Two future bright leaders that descended from great and inspiring fathers! The first died a hero who sacrificed his life to save hundreds including his wife and son. Chris Pine (Smokin Aces) is James Tiberius Kirk who grew up without his parents, a rebel with a cause that soon became his fate…more so his destiny!

The other, a science prodigy, gifted, spontaneous and with a bad temper! Zachary Quinto (Heroes) plays the Human-Vulcan Spock who was given a character who is both vulnerable more so, adequates his logic rather than emotions. His clash with the unrelenting but honest Kirk will be their undoing or will start as one of sci-fi’s best one two punch!

With a huge line up of names they will boldly go where no one has gone before…

Everyone was amazing Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) is Montgomery “Scotty” Scott who gets his moniker “beam me up…” since he had a knack for mechanics and time travel / teleportation. Simon is always great with characters he plays whether in the lead or supporting, he gives the right amount of comedy that never fails to surprise the audience not blunt nor bland in his takes…he will soon be seen in another “Mission” oriented hit!

John Cho (Harold and Kumar) is Hikaru Sulu, pilot by heart and martial arts extraordinaire (cough fencing…) another well-rounded guy, comedy action and drama (Flash Forward). Karl Urban (Chronicles of Riddick) is Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, this guy is truly a breakaway talent! He’s the Chief Medical Officer who’s a bit cranky, upset now and then. He may be straightforward but generously helps when needed!

Other notable performances are Zoe Zaldana (Avatar) as Nyota Uhura the torn between (likely) the two main protagonists; she’s infatuated with Spock and has a love hate relationship with Kirk.   Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation) plays Pavel Andreievich Chekov co-pilot and Navigator of the USS Enterprise which by the way has been one of the most famous ships that ever graced the galaxy (Millenium Falcon, Ark and Nostromo).

Bruce Greenwood (I, Robot) is Captain Christopher Pike. He provides courage and morale for the young crew and especially to the up and coming leader. Don’t forget Eric Bana’s (Munich) portrayal of a villain! It was more than I can say very immense and unforgettable! Playing the tormented, avenging Nero who seeks the perpetrator of his doomed planet causing chaos since he lost his home, a former miner from Romulus who now uses his gargantuan ship Narada to obliterate everything that stands in their way…

Lastly, one of the pioneers of the series and the pivotal character of Leonard Nimoy who brought in hope and spark in the movie marking the greatest comebacks of the character, the Vulcan-Human Spock! A humbling experience even for the Star Fleet officer, all culminated perfectly and definitely made more fans from movie goers. It was well paced, entertaining and full of emotional moments that gave more meaning to the plot.

Definitely a sequel is in waiting…



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