Prometheus (2012)

“We have the innate capacity and capability to reach for the stars but how high, how far would we go to fully grasp that dream and to what price? Vindicated yes! Deserving yes! But most certainly, we are not gods!”


2oth Century Fox in association with Dune Entertainment, Brandywine Entertainment and Scott Free Productions present…

Earth eons ago…

As the camera encompasses the whole scenery, we are given an introduction, the beginning of life in its infancy and delicate stages but the fact that there is beauty as it was developed from a typical single celled micro-organism, there is always the inevitable thing that follows…

From tranquil and serene music that turns into a sense of dread as the deconstruction of an alien’s DNA was obliterated, intended to be the sign for the premise. Now, why was the alien had human features? Let’s find out shall we?! They are called the “Engineers”, “The Pilot” or “Mala’kak”, standing more than 7 feet tall, these massive humanoids in steroids were responsible for the fundamental foundations of human life! They have given signs that they exist, across and around the world from ancient Egypt, Mayan and Mesopotamia among others. As man venture towards their maker this will only prove futile or rather would give meaning to our existence!

No conundrums here but as we gauge through our own preconception on why we are created, this will forever serve only as a theory or by part of scattered religion which does not even agree on the same beliefs. We are here for a reason and finding it, learning who we are does not defeat the purpose!


In the beginning there was life…

BAFTA Nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) leads a powerhouse cast as Archaeologist Dr. Elizabeth Shaw while Logan Marshall-Green (Across the Universe) Is “curious than cautious” Archaeologist Dr. Charlie Halloway, the lover of Shaw and co-head of the mission! They are Yin and Yang, both have the same purpose but was unfortunate they had a different approach in tapping the primordial origins of mankind!

Dr. Shaw’s Father was portrayed by Patrick Wilson (The Watchmen) in a brief shared scene, the curiosity of Elizabeth who has been adamant since she was of young age querying her father having to bear the loss of her mother, she hopes to find the solution of what it means to live and to die and where do we go from here?

As the film progresses you can see inch by inch how Elizabeth transforms from a meek scientist into a survivor! I was contemplating on how we see Ellen Ripley (from the original Alien series) amalgamating her essence with the young actress. Same scenarios were uncontested that shows how the “Alien” was born through genetics and from a mouth to mouth resuscitation (aka origins of the first kiss a pre-cursor to coitus)! As life ceases its last breath, the inevitable always follows: death…but not entirely!


Weyland Industries owned by billionaire Peter Weyland, he is played by Guy Pearce (Traitor) one of the shortlisted outstanding actors of today and fan favorite since his work in Memento. His demeanor for being self-righteous is matched only with his overtly egotistic claim to be “god like” which in time has given him sufficient resources to explore the origins of man from beyond the vast regions of space!

Academy Award Winner for Best Actress Charlize Theron (Aeon Flux) is Meredith Vickers; she oversees the operations to go smoothly as instructed by their employer! Intended to be the leading cast for Shaw who was currently connected in filming with “Mad Max” but was able to reunite with the project due to a delay with the former film. I believe she would have worked best to be the leading lady (no offense to Noomi) and yet sometimes things fall into place when someone who has a more familiar face can be found at the other side of the fence and left alone as she watches from the distance…

An origin that permeates since the dawn of time where fire more specifically known as technology was handed down by the Titan aptly named as Prometheus! So it was destined, that Mr. Weyland has found the fire thus empowering humanity with the needed “gifts” in order to usurp the “gods” from their throne.


Humans are unbounded and undaunted by their own proclivities to amass possessions from both tangible and intangible prospects! Seeking more to fulfil their objectives, since man by nature are indeed conquerors of themselves and others! They explore new territorial space in this planet and when it is not enough, they set out to the infinite of space…the final frontier!

Golden Globe and BAFTA Nominee for Best Actor in a Leading Role Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class) is David an android specifically tasked to attend to the needs and wants of the employees while making sure the journey is secured as it reaches its destination after 2 years, 4 months, 18 days. 36 hours and 15 minutes (spot the mistake by the A.I.)!

He copies his screen idol in his gestures and looks from the film “Lawrence of Arabia” while passing time monitoring the ship and its crew! Michael has a gift and acumen to play diversified roles while he hits key specific targets! His role was a mere synthezoid that assimilates data but with a purpose that only his creator Weyland would ever know…

While Golden Globe Award Winner for Best Actor Idris Elba (Thor) is the pragmatist Captain Janek who seems lost his purpose other than flying the massive USCSS Prometheus. He had a shorter time to be seen since it was Noomi and Michael’s show. Nevertheless, his intentions are true and he did serve his misguided efforts and stir it back to where it needs it to be…

Directed and Produced by Academy Awards, BAFTA and Golden Globe Nominee for Best Director Sir Ridley Scott (Alien) after his medieval themed journeys the Director comes back to one of his baby projects, in a more contemporary set-up this time around! A breath of fresh air from the Director as it was essentially timed to bring back the franchise into its roots and for the fans to come back as well from horrendous off-shoot franchise of AVP which was mediocre all throughout its series!

Written by Jon Spaihts (The Darkest Hour) and developed from his original script by Damon Lindelof (Lost). The tandem has made the story relatable and transparent with the audience but did not give it enough “fire” to ante-up the script just to entice the audience from a clichéd story and not relying on CGI and VFX alone. Writers should be the purpose that drives and gives meaning to the story not just to express an idea or provide information which is imperative especially with this type of films which explores sensitive subjects and grey areas in humanity, science, religion and life!

On the other hand, the VFX was spectacular and surreal! Consolidated and made possible by the finest in the business including Moving Picture Company (MPC), WETA Digital, Fuel VFX, Rising Sun Pictures, Luma Pictures, Lola Visual Effects and Hammerhead Productions! While compliments go to Production Designer Arthur Max (Gladiator) in making the ambiance of space exploration and sets realistic inside and outside the gargantuan explorer ship!

Cinematographer Dariusz Wolski (Dark City) provides full coverage on breathtaking scenes as trademarked from his previous projects. Editing is from Pietro Scalia (Good Will Hunting) who has done it impeccably from sound, SFX, its timing and synchronization which emerged as a fantastic output (in a visual sense of course)!

The tension can be so daunting as it slowly escalates from discovery to disaster! Simultaneous intent at both ends from the outpost in LV-223 (a moon orbiting the planet Calpamos) to the ship keeps you at the edge of your seat! To add, there is nothing you can’t compromise with talent albeit the film making elements such as the screenplay, budget, co-stars and even the director can pretty much affect delivery! The film was truly remarkable in its own way, waiting to be discovered, self-supplying and aesthetically convincing but with a premise that always sends a message that someone or something is going to pop up anytime soon wherein the only good thing is, you don’t know when at the same time makes it also clichéd and readily anticipated!

Critics can say whatever they want, however they want that is why it’s called “personal opinion” or “point of view”! The visuals were no question sublime, the script yes, it was muddled and combining it with dumbfounded scientists but I did want to watch this because of the Director involved, second the continuity of a classic and lastly, for self-discovery! In the end some things are not meant to be explained or revealed even if it means the origins of life.

My selected description for the film came from the earlier speech of Mr. Weyland in his prime! He was a visionary, a pioneer, an industrialist and a businessman this is primarily because he was determined to seek out what was meant for us to be the rightful rulers of our own destiny. Mankind as he described is in a brink of the future and it is here now! We have the innate capacity and capability to reach for the stars but how high, how far would be go to fully grasp that dream and to what price? Vindicated yes! Deserving yes! But most certainly, we are not gods!

Prometheus took the chance and Dr. Shaw was indeed a genuine devotee until the end! So, tell me reader are you a sully sceptic or are you condemned to be faithful to your fate.



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