Avatar (2009)

“I’m the King of the world!” (oh, sorry wrong movie)


20th Century Fox in association with Lightstorm Entertainment, Dune Entertainment and Insidious Film Partners present…

15 years for this story to skyrocket on top of the earth, pretty impressive you could say and well worth the wait!

I will not make a review out of this film the traditional way; it seems that it would be appropriate to give it more of a different approach and impression! I could only tell that the film was very fascinating on how it was able to jumpstart something long forgotten and that is to our appreciation of life and the planet we live in.

This was only the concept I was able to give myself the interest to watch the film and believe that there could be more than just the hype.. Seeing that it has its share of mixed criticisms and reviews from the people who’ve seen it has given me the same insight. For some could compare and say that this was a rip off from animated greats of Ferngully, Princess Mononoke, At Play in the fields of our Lord, The Emerald Forest and the Award Winning Dances with Wolves!

James Cameron made it clear that his story was going to be made in the right time, when technology is available to be used. I couldn’t agree more, in fact it was the CGI combined with real screen shots of people that has given fluidity and clear scope of what James had imagined in his mind! Though, this over eagerness conceived by making films that raked millions (not to mention his Titanic), has become the target of insightful viewership and the impact of its enormous lip service!

He started shooting in Los Angeles and New Zealand in April 2007 which was very convenient since he was able to coordinate his visual effects with WETA Digital from owner Peter Jackson. Since the CGI was so massive and needs to be stored, allocated and reproduced continually, Microsoft helped in developing a cloud computing and Data Asset Management system to interconnect everyone, every studio involved around the project in a global scale to simultaneously commit to the project’s deadlines!

To be honest, the story was so pedestrian; it was just computer-generated actors I believe that became the main catalyst for its worldwide success in the box office! To put it in perspective, we as humans by nature don’t give a damn when it comes to sharing, we were made into territorial beings without any consideration for others which time and again been manifested in this planet and what makes it different when we set foot on another? We have ransacked every possible resource on Earth and we will need to look beyond our jurisdictions just to survive, just to compensate for our greed!

In this case, back story states that Earth is in peril and do need a certain mineral called Unobtanium in order for us to survive ergo we have to explore new worlds, I repeat explore new worlds and colonize it (history does repeat itself) and let alone a moon called Pandora to taste our expressive salutations…how do aliens say it? “We come in peace” (or go in pieces)!!!

The paraplegic former marine Jake Sully was portrayed by Sam Worthington (Clash of the Titans) together with Exobiologist and Head of the Avatar Program Dr. Grace Augustine from the veteran actress Sigourney Weaver (Alien) known for her sci-fi exploits in the film industry! They were the people responsible to go and retrieve intel on how the RDA Corporation administered by Parker Selfridge played by Giovanni Ribisi (Gone in 60 Seconds) can get the mineral supply they need, until one mission gone hay wired with Jake missing in action. Enter, Princess Neytiri the new talent to watch out for Zoe Saldana (Star Trek XI) finds and saves him from peril. Jake wanted to be part of their lore and freedom which gives more insight on what the lonely soldier really wants, to be able to walk again even if it’s not from his real body and so he was trained in their ways until they fell in love…

To cut it short, the deal was compromised and RDA military personnel lead by the warmongering Col. Miles Quaritch given life by Stephen Lang (Gang in Blue) attacks the home of the Omaticaya Clan (tribe of Neytiri), this is where the battle lines are drawn from both factions (I even saw it as Starcraft’s Terrans versus Warcraft’s Night Elves, what a riot!!!)

But the story also tells on how ironic that we are being given this type of treatment and yet we are still confounded to the spirit inside of us! I believe in that too, for many has given up on what we are and what we are capable of doing but still, we are bounded to our rights, to survive but not without any sacrifice or for that matter to respect and love not just the people we belong with but to the gifts that God bestowed upon us!

The film connotes heroism, courage, selflessness and to do what is right! That is enough for people to know and for James as well. It’s clichéd and overrated…true but you can never keep a good man down for even if he is awake or asleep, he will keep his dreams alive!

These will the first of a trilogy as stated by the Director seeing if it was successful then a green light will be given for the next films and will be made in a faster rate. On a lighter note, even though it garnered nominations and awards while also amassing a blockbuster result in cinema history worth $ 749 M in domestic sales and a whopping $2.7 B worldwide, it was beaten by Hurt Locker in the Best Picture category for the 2010 Academy Awards helmed by Kathryn Bigelow!



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