District 9 (2010)

Are we worse than aliens?

District 9TriStar Pictures in association with WingNut Films, QED International, Key Creatives and Wintergreen Productions present…

There was so much speculation before the film was released, this was actually a concept of Alive in Joburg, a short film made by Director Neill Blomkamp and produced by its main star Sharlto Copley and prominent Director Peter Jackson.

It centred on fear of strangers, alienation and of course racism. Given the facts that metaphorically speaking all these factors come together to realize what is really going on in every culture and its diversity that sets apart our beliefs, unprecedented by our goal to survive, making it by far a human instinct which we live by on a day to day basis.

The year was 1982 in Johannesburg, a massive alien ship was seen hovering over the city, stranded and without any means of transport, the trapped aliens were considered quarantined, secluded in a place called District 9 to be analyzed and given shelters. But in a span of 20 years, the place went out of control leaving its residents in constant conflict with the community, forced to live in a slum without any compromise from the government and its warlord with minions taking advantage of the crisis.

The aliens were not actually savages; they were finding any ways and means to survive the harsh environment they live in. Like “prawns” as they were called because of their exterior features, I do see them as frustrated, depressed, angry on what they have been forced into. On the other side, I see them as typical species, sentient beings that knows compassion, sadness and perseverance.

I’ve mentioned also earlier that this is sort of an integration of what really is going on in our society, articles suggests even that this film was based on pests that was portrayed by the aliens living actually in Johannesburg, considered also are their lifestyle and how they thrive on a daily basis. In another note, the warlord was named after their former leader which made South Africans to ban this film!

It’s so sad to see a film inspired by facts that engulf people to be more adamant against occupying migrants and more so immigrants. Wilkus was a human being, though accidentally turned into one of the alien species; it was the main plot that centres on how the story unraveled, to survive despite prejudice, hate and personal agenda.

Although he did his job, I found it a bit offensive by the way he reports, he laughs while killing babies like popcorn, I even said that he deserved what happened to him, until I found out how the story went especially teaming up with a father and son alien who just wants to leave the planet.

The film was considered a sleeper hit; it signified word of mouth praise, lip service in other words that made it more successful in terms of box office sales.

I believe in perseverance which was signified by Christopher (the main protagonist alien) and his son, if we can only see and understand what’s inside, not by butchering them and handing them over to MNU for experimentation and as target practice to manipulate their biotechnology.

It’s frightening, it will be unsuspecting to see how he will return as suggested by interviewees, if Christopher comes back will he take revenge? Make peace? I don’t think so, after seeing his co-species in the lab. I do feel his sadness looking in his eyes but despite of all what has happened, he knows he has a friend from Wilkus who he promised to cure after 3 years. Wilkus understood what it means to be left out, after fighting off both factions and believing that sacrificing everything he has and becoming one of the aliens, this will be his guiding light, his source of courage to retain his humanity despite his appearance, color or race!


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