Waking the Dead (2000)

“You have to love me too. Not an image, not an idea and not in spite of who I am.”

Waking the DeadPolygram Filmed Entertainment in association with Egg Pictures and Gramercy Pictures present…

Let me tell you a story about love and how it manifests in our lives!

From the 1986 novel of Scott Spencer in the same title, it’s a story about a man who came from the Navy, smart, very ambitious, outspoken and a woman who is an idealist, a rebel with a cause, activist. They met and fell in love. Thinking that this relationship they had was going to be full of happy days and all will be just fine, when suddenly there is a hurdle on the road…


It was determined that they have so much will power to give and trying to reach their goals only for the different reasons. The man wants to serve the country and run for the Government and to be a Congressman, fortified with the need to become a good example of this corrupt haven called politics, on the other hand the woman whose adamant will to counter prohibitions by the Government continue to stay in the side of the minority and for the people.

Their lives went on for a couple of years only to be confounded with their own affair, with neither one backing down, indirectly their actions cross paths and led to a loss… the woman was reportedly been killed! Seeing this on national television, the man grieved by the loss of his one true love and asking “was love enough?” for him, for her or even for the both of them?

Everyday the guy goes on with his daily routine and still targeting his goal to be a Congressman albeit the pain inside of him. Everyday this pain grows stronger and as the days pass by, he hears faint whispers, seeing the woman from the crowd, the airport, the rallying people, calls from the telephone, the church, her old apartment. Everywhere he went there was the memory of the woman he loved and its driving him insane.

He calls out to her through his sleep and yet she wasn’t there, just a figment of his imagination. Though the times he keeps on feeling her around he starts to think if she was indeed alive and even when he talks to someone who might have seen her, no one knows where she is or if she was really alive. In spite of his conundrums, he started to realize that it wouldn’t matter if she was an imagination or really was still alive. All he knows is that he loved her and it would be enough to let her know that they are inseparable despite the pain and even to the point putting them in a place where there is much sorrow.

Director Keith Gordon (The Chocolate War) gives prominence to this political drama as he relays the conflicts and tells the story of two lovers with very different backgrounds and goals in life! Their paths to fulfil their purpose has made them farther apart while trying to keep the love they have for each other makes it more hurtful to think if they have to stay together then they might never know what will the future be in stored for the both of them!

Robert Dillon (Revolution) brings in an entirely captivating script between Fielding and Sarah as they unravel the hardships of life especially from two opposing factions! It was done intelligently, so full of emotional scrutiny, zeal, frustration and the hope that is being interacted seamlessly by two of the best performers in the industry!

The always commendable and humble actor Billy Crudup (Inventing the Abotts) and Academy Award Winner Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind) collaborates one more time in this awe-inspiring story that never lets you go! The genuine take on their characters has given levity not just bringing in the background of politics between the United States and Chile which both are fighting for a common cause but in different aspects, the latter works for the Government and the former for the underprivileged minority! Very well executed and a truly remarkable love story that made the film even more susceptible for the human heart!

I do realize how love came to be part of our lives and how it gives us the meaning to move on and be strong despite of so much suffering. Saying I love you would not be close enough to what we really do feel inside. We do have different variations, definitions of love and for me it is something that instils to do a greater good. Letting her know through simple, trivial gestures of endearment to giving up everything, sacrificing everything just to see her happy.

I remember when the couple were arguing in a tube train and Sarah says “It is so infuriating loving you sometimes!” and Fielding replied “the feeling’s mutual.” that part broke me inside knowing that I will never love a woman like this in a lifetime…

In a personal experience, I even get to a point where I sleep in my single bed on just one side thinking that she is sleeping beside me and it still bring tears in my eyes knowing when I look back she is not really there. The longing for everyday that she will be in my arms again, a precursor here and there makes me yearn for her more and still I have to be patient for the right time when she won’t be an imaginary face on my ceiling or on my wall or to the places I go. I don’t lose hope and I’m not giving up for the mere fact she is already in me… and in my heart for always, no matter the distance, we will never be apart!

Sometimes love has a life of its own… and I say, it will always entail preservation not just for itself but for humanity’s discernment to live knowing that there is something existing more than just two people sharing their feelings, being accepted, together as one and still not be able to truly explain what touched them, furthermore, why they will never be apart despite the distance and the pain.

Love never dies nor will it fade!


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