Tristan & Isolde (2006)

“If things were different, if we lived in a place without duty, would you be with me?”

Tristan and Isolde2oth Century Fox in association with Scott Free Productions and Franchise Pictures present…

Based on historical standpoints of tales and legends commonly derived from French poets Beroul and Thomas while German writer Gottfried von Strassburg continued the tradition of retelling the tale of the fated lovers. A timeless tragic story that even predates King Arthur’s legend between Lancelot and Guinevere’s forbidden love has been influential even up to this modern age.

A story of two kingdoms at conflict, two lords and two souls destined to be…tormented! Set from the medieval period, the premise encompasses a tale of longing and loss, love and sorrow.

After Rome left, the walls of Britannia and Ireland had grown stronger with fortification. Their hatred for one another has no bounds, one ruler wants to unite their scattered lands and the other wants to rule them all. From the aftermath, comes healing and rebuilding. Along this line comes two losses one from a mother to a daughter, a natural death and father to a son who was robbed of his youth from war mongerers from the West coast.

As The King of Ireland wants more and he sent his best warriors to claim him more slaves while Cornwall was making a new life from grave losses. A fearless and noble Knight stood up for this atrocities, his name was Tristan for it meant sorrow which was anointed to him since the death of his mother when he was born. After another attack, the Council of leaders agreed that they should regroup and counter attack while the enemy are still in their lands. The bewildered James Franco (Your Highness) led the charge and fought bravely, but unfortunately was struck by a blade with poison and upon the return of the survivors, his news of death brought great sorrow to their ruler.

As he was given his last rites by friends, his boat comes to shore of Ireland where the young Princess Isolde played by upstart Sophia Myles (Underworld) was at the beach looking for a way out of her wedlock. Upon seeing him, she knew and felt that he was still alive and hurriedly secured and gave him shelter and medication. The actress gave her best in portraying the lady torn between two lovers but still found wanting which not much was expected for a beginner in terms of a leading role but in some ways she was able to convey her sadness and it helped develop her interaction with James and Rufus.

As days and months passed, their fateful meeting has become more consummate with feelings of affection and intimacy. A day came, when one of the King’s men found the sword of their fallen comrade at the shore. Tristan and Isolde made a way to depart knowing that they are not meant to be, feeling lost both separated with a broken heart. While I also commend Rufus Sewell (A Knight’s Tale) as Lord Marke of Cornwall for his gallantness and Mark Strong’s (Rock n Rolla) as his would be next in line Lieutenant Lord Wictred (even his name never slips up for villainy) 0continuous stride for ruthlessness and oppression!

Both these actors have a knack for villainy but fortunate for the former he chose to be at the side of good for once it’s been a long while since his starred in sci-fi thriller “Dark City”. While the latter is still making waves to be at the wrong side of the law and he would not want it any other way!

The film was greatly influenced by the Scott brothers, respected and honoured in their own rights in doing great films with great storytelling. This was also the last project produced by Franchise Pictures before they went bankrupt. Many viewers saw this as lacking in both storytelling and plot even regardless of how the cast was able to provide utmost certainty in their screenplay it was received poorly and only sold $14.7 million in the domestic box office. Maybe it should have better leading stars that might just ante up the so called market recall through brand awareness provided by the Studios involved and it’s Producers!

So in time, the new built Kingdom befell treachery and was almost stolen from them from what was thought to have originated from the star-crossed lovers, but in the end, their life was neither of grief nor shame for they have reattributed their names as one of the most sought after stories to be told time and again. Legend may have given word or two about their lives, but their love was the thing that brought them into our hearts and in our minds…well not entirely!



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