Blue Valentine (2010)

Everyone longs for a happy ending…

Blue ValentineIncentive Filmed Entertainment, The Weinstein Company, Chrysler Corporation, Motel Movies, Shade Pictures and Cottage Industries in association with Hunting Lane Films and Silverwood Films present…

Powerful performances and a moving, noteworthy film fitting and in the right time I guess especially since Valentine’s is here knowing that I’m not alone anymore for the love of my life is back in my arms again!

The story permeates a couple torn between their responsibilities as husband and wife, mother and father to an unwanted child. To add insult to injury, it was not even signified who was the real father of the young daughter Frankie (Faith Wladyka).

Last time I saw the lead actress was at Dawson’s Creek years back and it does give credence to what character you can covey to the audience, some actresses do give much detail on how they portray their role but Michelle played hers absolutely without compromise! She totally owned Cindy as a reckless mother and a no where to go wife.

Both came from a struggling family, Cindy portrayed by Michelle Williams (Synecdoche, NewYork) consummates everyday lost love for her parents while taking care of her grandmother. Had a relationship that is going nowhere, lost in a daydream cycle and hoping that true love would come her way. For Dean played by up and rising star Ryan Gosling (The Notebook), he was a product of a broken family while still young and trying to cope up with everyday life, getting a job anywhere he can and find the right girl he can be with for the rest of his life he makes these types of roles flawless, very quaint but sublime in delivery!

Cindy was longing for acceptance for past mistakes and she found a guy who embraced all her imperfections. For his end, all that Dean ever gave was himself, everything he practically owned even his soul was on the poker’s table. Not to prove anything but to give her the feeling of security and support that no man could ever provide. Despite of all that has happened he kept his promise and that was bottom-line for him and the family he’s trying to raise.

Very condescending to the lives they undertook and taking the risk of starting a family despite so much pain between the two protagonists struggling to be loved. Spiralling from a grave marriage to younger years torn asunder by passionate, juvenile emotions and finding a way out from the precipice of what would become their lowest moment in their lives.

Directed by Derek Cianfrance (Brother Tied) making films through avant garde disposition, he has given the film the right mood and composition to stir it for the Oscars contention. Also, the main protagonists were given the honour to be Executive Producers. Music and score was amazing and gives fluidity to each scene undertaken.

I was very moved for the fact that it was rather personal for me to reflect on such experiences given. Knowing how love is not just a one way street for it to work nor the reality that makes us more vulnerable to feel lost in certain undertakings in life. Being human as we are we take into account all our actions and find the best ways and means to make things right despite trials and storms that may come our way.

Dean and Cindy did took the chance for the love that they had was genuine and settling their differences was the only way out, not to blame Cindy but I believe that Dean wants their marriage and family to work from the start as he did pertaining to his conversations with his co-workers.

Men go by their instinct and know what they want unlike women who have options, never can’t blame them since it’s in their system to be eccentric and change their minds too often. On the other hand, men are like kids who ask the love of their life for forgiveness and redemption after they screwed up, telling them what to do and they will do it!

A heartbreaking film, yet the heart longs, yearns for acceptance and still tries to change what it can do to make it worthy to give it another chance. It’s an open ended story, understanding that all things worked out but the closing part gives it a bit more to think about or was it something inevitable thing to happen.



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