Love and Other Drugs (2010)

“Are you Depressed or Happy??? Either way it’s better than getting drug prescriptions!”

Love & Other Drugs Regency Enterprises with Scott Stuber Pictures, Bedford Falls Productions in association with Fox 2000 Pictures present…

To begin, my hiatus was never intended but it was worth the wait…for love does not need any drug to bequeath its patience. Now, let us continue our stories for the month of hearts!

It was like watching a Daytona Rally Race, blink and there goes a part of the story! Fast paced smooth talking, full of jargons in the medical field…a lot of swearing. Also, is it just me or Jake has mastered that art of making Sshhhh shhhh gestures!!!

It was definitely a montage, a tapestry of previous films that present, incline relationships that generates affection for the sick, from A Walk to Remember, Sweet November, Autumn in New York you name it…we got it!!! In my honest opinion, these films were way better!

Intimate moments of making love, reading books, laugh, eat, talk and have some more of that… Come on, it can be done way much better, presenting a film that connotes human personal, physical gratification and mixing it with drugs from giant pharmaceutical companies are just clichéd!

To add, how to target specific on what type of film is this romance comedy? With marketing compared to a boxing match, in the blue corner we have Viagra, Zoloft from Pfizer and from the red corner Prozac from Eli Lilly, subliminally could be a selling point for the said drugs to the audience!

Screaming for attention (vocally and indirect), Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway) a free spirited woman with lots of issues especially with her mind and body, she needs someone who will give time and effort to see her and her condition to the end. While smart mouth, suave with the ladies extraordinaire Randall (Jake Gylenhall) a Pharmaceutical Rep who does what it takes to be on the top of everything (yes everything my friends!), until he met this woman and transformed his care free nature into something more coherent and mature, realizing what life can be if he can be more reassuring to himself and the person he fell in love with, Maggie.

Having met and started on the wrong foot, what follows is a series of raging hormones quenching the need to go at it even in a mid-day! In the long run this gave both an opportunity to see the better parts of being a human being, what was it like to be alone and feel needed for the first time in their lives. Now for Jamie Randall, he became different and for as long as he remembers, he had an epiphany and that he was in love, he has not even mentioned, uttered these words to anyone even to his parents and family more so to his volleys of women whom he had slept with for the past years.

From that point on, they were both scared…

There is also this melancholic part where they go their own ways because of something that was not workable or is it something that can still hold on to just to realize that no other drug, therapy, form of medication diagnosed, prescribed by Doctors enough to become a hindrance to something that is worth fighting for.

There were moments that made it feel sincere, while waiting overnight for her to comeback from Canada or the closing that gives every romantic genre films a spot for unprecedented delivery, though not too emotionally drifted to what can become love for the most part.

The bitter sweet so called relationship between two people has failed to be appreciated in this film, the tone and pacing of these characters performance was just like riding a rocket one second you’re in mach 2 then you slow down due to no gravity and you float in space already!

On the latter part, both protagonists received Golden Globe Nominations! Casting was fairly met since Oliver Platt had his performance nowadays to be better; Gabriel Macht had at least a reason to vent his anger (The Spirit, White Out) with Jake and of course Hank Azaria who is a sight for sore eyes!

Directed by Edward Zwick, it gives credence from previous works such as Glory, Legends of the Fall, Courage Under Fire, Defiance and his blockbuster hit The Last Samurai. Very astute and practical in making films that provided Oscar contention and winners as well.

It wasn’t one sided after all, when you think that people do really care or if they really mean it, Parkinson’s Disease is widespread and I’m not here to pep talk we have our own concerns but we do need to understand, show


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