The Wrestler (2008)

Genuine and compelling as Mickey Rourke hits rock bottom with a broken heart while his fans applauds his “so called” fame!

The Wrestler

Fox Searchlight Pictures, Wild Bunch, Saturn Films in association with Protozoa Pictures and Top Rope present…

The real life does hurt and it does hurt more when no one cares about you!

This is how Randy “The Ram” Robinson survives in his world, played by Mickey Rourke (Get Carter), a big time wrestler in his time, people idolized him and praised him not just in the arena…but the question is who does love him?

Battling long time injuries and his age, life took the toll on him. Now, working as a third class wrestler for small gatherings or just given a chance to earn more, he will fight as long as he need to survive, how ironic he has to do all of these things when in fact it is the one that will kill him literally.

Managing to get by on a daily basis, working on part time jobs, trying to get the affection of a stripper, getting the chance to renew his relationship with his daughter, playing with kids and having them for company just to spend time with is all part of his daily routine.

The film depicts on how life comes into full circle, with a powerful performance by Mickey and Marissa Tomei (Anger Management) who also in part deals with a life that does not makes sense anymore! Hiding away from who they truly are let’s them realize what is more important in their lives, the love of another person!

In the end, it was tragic while Cass (later known as Pam) turned her back on her job and was looking for Ram, he too made that decision, that nobody cares about him, even for the moment that Cass told him that she was there for him… all was too late!

He was looking for a way out, a new life and a chance to be happy but that’s life, it kicks you in the gut even if you are down! It was a melancholic film even for the time he reached out for his daughter, he thought that it can better but all was in vain and he ended up on the ropes literally until his final breath!


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