Cold Mountain (2003)

From a man’s torturous journey and a lady’s yearning hope. A story of two lovers torn by war and distance bounded by a place inside their hearts!

Cold MountainMiramax Films in association with Mirage Enterprises and Bona Fide Productions present…

Based on a novel by Charles Frazier! I watched this film for a change, tired of all the superhero flicks and giant robots! It made me realize the things that a person has to set-forth in this lifetime, it will always go down to how you aspire and inspire people to live more than just for yourself. I was succumbed to its melancholic degree of perseverance, very heartfelt and a moving drama that makes it one of the best screen adaptations of all time!

Destined to become an instant classic since the casts were a huge line-up of stars and had played very extensive, powerful roles in the history of cinema. But this magnanimity of talent has given so much more not just for the awards and accolades but they have instilled the human spirit to endure and find its way back home!

From the Oscar Winning Crew that gave us “The English Patient”, comes another epic tale brilliantly written and scored! Cold Mountain was presented by the late Director and Screenplay of Anthony Minghella, who also gave us his Academy Award Contender “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Truly an extraordinary man, God bless his soul!

Academy Award Nominations:

Best Supporting Actress – Renèe Zellweger (won)

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Jude Law

Best Cinematography – John Seale

Best Editing – Walter Murch

Best Music, Original Score – Gabriel Yared

Best Music, Original Song – T-Bone Burnett and Elvis Costello “Scarlet Tide”

Best Music, Original Song – Sting “You will be my Ain True Love”

Absolutely Amazing!!!

Hats are off to the Production team that includes Casting by David Rubin who did a wonderful job to make this ensemble possible, all praise worthy and great performers one and all! Director of Photography John Seale from pragmatic fierce battle sequences to magnificent locations and landscapes that gave the ambiance of that era! Edited by Walter Murch and to bring life to the film’s encompassing music is Gabriel Yared who provided the seamless Original Score!

The performance was fantastic, combining elements of war and love lost in a misty mountain where two strangers find desperately to get back together no matter the stakes, no matter the cost! Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes) is Inman, a soldier for the CSA (Confederate States of America), a true gentleman with an integrity that everyone envies and emulates! He served the war and went AWOL for he needs to get back to the one he loves before his sanity, before his beliefs, before everything is lost! Inman, a wounded soldier, wandering the hazardous battlefields, has met people who I call Angels (well not all of them!) they have given him strength and hope, epiphany and courage to find his way back home!

Donald Sutherland (Pride and Prejudice) is Reverend Monroe, after relocating with her daughter; he had sought the patronage of the people and paid tribute by donating a Church in the small town. While Academy Award Winner Nicole Kidman (The Hours) is Ada Monroe, sweet, aplomb and a lady by all its meaning longs for the reciprocated emotions for Inman in spite of awkward moments it was genuine nevertheless. She is joined by Academy Award Winner Renèe Zellweger (Cold Mountain) plays Ruby Thewes, the lovely lass built with a strength and robust demeanour! A fast talker, know it all woman that gave Ada a chance to rebuild her life after a tragic loss.

One of the things I’ve being keen on is the dynamic of the assembled cast living in a small town! The banter between Ada and Ruby was humorous, authentic and easy on the eyes. The neighbors and the newly arrived Reverend, even the soldiers and Inman were like brothers especially to those who went with him in the war!

On the other hand, a film without a villain would be criminal! Portrayed by Ray Winstone (44 Inch Chest), a man called Teague who once owned the lands of the townsfolk specifically the Reverend and the Swanger couple. He became the unlawful lawman surrounded by thugs who does his bidding for personal gain!

Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote) is Reverend Veasey, unfortunate circumstances gave him the chance to be a better man despite his mistakes in the past, he was a friend to Inman and gave his due till the end! The next bus stop was with Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar) who plays Junior, desperately in need of money, gave more than a resting place for the weary travellers…

Eileen Atkins (Robin Hood) is the poignant but humble Maddy, a recluse in the forest, Natalie Portman (Black Swan) is Sara, raising her baby alone while longing for a man in her cold winter nights. All did their small parts I even got to realize that Jack White the singer, composer was there and even Cillian Murphy (Sunshine, Batman Begins) participated even for a minor role!

Overall, it was great experience and was entertaining to watch though tragic because of the civil war and lives lost, friends and families torn asunder, still it gave its intended purpose…Hope!

All roads come to an end and indeed Inman finds her Ada waiting and though it was for a long time coming, their hearts never gave up. Even as the winter brought in the bitter cold, they soon found what they were destined for and Inman did “came back” and was finally home in Ada’s arms!

Forever he will be her ain true love…



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