Babel (2006)

Arrogance and Ignorance will always be our downfall!

BabelParamount Pictures, Paramount Vantage in association with Central Films and Media Rights Capital present…

The story that revolves around four families separated in three continents thousands of miles away with each other and yet connected to an outcome as it bears witness to pride and prejudice!

Set on different locations around the world and facing their personal grief, the Director of the film conducts every possible angle to bring the story into its fruition in delving into people’s way of life for survival. The precipice of the film deals with every single family that connects the dots in each given scenario. It may seem farfetched for this to happen, but with all honesty it will be the most inconvenient truth that makes the world, countries, people separated.

In the Bible, from the book of Genesis it states that Nimrod a King and a hunter was so overwhelmed with his power decided to build a tower to reach up in the heavens and be equal with God. This monument served as retaliation and to make man a master of his own! The word Babel came from Hebrew origins known as “Balal” which meant to “jumble”! To add, this is where the term “cradle of civilisation” meant since it was built in Shinar which covers the great southern part of Babylon. It signifies the very premise of the story wherein humanity though gifted with compassion has the means to rebel and seek his purpose no matter the cost!


Brad Pitt (Seven) and Cate Blanchett (The Aviator) leads the cast in this thought provokingcompelling drama that carries so much uncertainty in their lives and the people around them. They play Richard and Susan Jones a couple trying to fix their marriage while on vacation in. Both has a stellar resume which gives the amount of fear for their dilemma not just making their journey a hazardous one but leaving an imprint on not just their relationship as husband and wife but also to the people surrounding them!


Chieko Wataya is a deaf mute rebellious teenager who likes to socialize and feel accepted despite her condition. Rinko Kikuchi (Paradise)is torn between her emotions and her friends as she embarks on a journey juvenilism and self-exploitation to meet her insecurities especially with her father Yusijiro Wataya portrayed by Koji Wakusho (13 Assassins) who only wants her daughter to be safe especially when his wife just recently commited suicide!


Amelia Adriana Barraza (Drag me to Hell) is a housekeeper and carer for the Jones Family. She’s looking after two kids coming from parents trying to reconcile their differences. She was forced to take them to a marriage seeing that it would be best when the parents cannot come home due to some emergency!

Enter, Santiago Gael Garcia Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien) his nephew, a little bit passive and aggressive at the same time, they will embark on a journey that will forever change the lives of the children and their next of kin!

Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (21 Grams) delivers a tale so full of human anxiety being encompassed by people who are surviving a world full of miscommunication, oppression and hate!

The Director was able to tell the stories with utmost uncertainty for the viewers what’s going to happen next and yet place them. Make them feel what the performers are going through with their lives! Cinematography Rodrigo Prieto (Brokeback Mountain) helps find the amount of depth to capture in detail the necessary surroundings not just for the country they’re into but to expose a wider perspective through the eye of the lens!

Original Screenplay by Guillermo Arriaga (Amores Perros) which was dismissed by the Director stating that he only claims as the “Author” of both films they have worked on and even not letting the former attend the in the advance screening in Cannes, now here is the ironic part coming from professionals that give emphasis on cultural diversity…unbelievable!

The world deals with so much cultural diversity, language barriers and oppression. It is all because of humanity, the fear of uncertainty that comes into our daily lives. We do have so much to work on, to make ourselves better people, to reach out and to understand what is going on around us and the world. People live their lives just for the main purpose of surviving and worse to the brink of extinction due to our incapacity to have compassion for our fellow men.

We fear for our safety, our children, our friends and family that every day we go to sleep and not knowing what’s going to happen to us by tomorrow’s time. It’s a clock work that we have to surmise and that a day will come when there will be no one else to hang on to, no more people nor loved ones to share your dreams with all because of the lack of concern, the love for oneself and to those in our midst.

Every scene was given ample tasks to deliver and a situation that depicts the moral of the story on how we can cope up and let these barriers can be used as tools to be made either as weapons of anger or through words uttered to reach out to understand what we do feel inside. In the end, there is always a place to come home and it’s always our family, our roots, where the ripple effect always originates, this will be the thing that can bring us back to ground zero and help us take comfort, to heal and make things better.

Before the year ends, let us contemplate on our daily misgivings to our families, friends, our neighbors, even to strangers! Let this notion ripple out because as we propagate something, it will center to yourself to your homes, communities, nation and to the whole world…need we ask if it would be love and understanding and there won’t be anything more to ask for!



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